Welcome to Longmont!

People of LLongmont began in an unusual way. In 1870, a group of prominent men in Chicago decided to start a new town in Colorado. They sold memberships in this new town they called the “Chicago-Colorado Colony.” The money raised paid for 60,000 carefully chosen northern Colorado acres of land for a town site and nearby farms. They planned the town, and brought the people, lumber and building materials to the barren site. By the summer of 1871 they had built a small town and named it “Longmont,” in honor of “Longs Peak,” the mountain formation they could clearly see from town. Throughout its history Longmont has been a center for the agricultural, commercial and business life of Boulder County. Today it is bustling and changing, with new developments, new people coming in and new business opportunities.

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Homes for sale in Longmont

Although some great new communities are being developed around Longmont, its heart is the Old Town.  On each side of the main street (yes, it’s still called Main Street) are the historic west side and east side.  These eclectic neighborhoods reflect the decades of Longmont’s growth, and homes in them are highly sought-after.  Here are Old Town homes currently on the market:

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