Mapleton Hill is one of the oldest and dreamiest neighborhoods in Boulder. Walking up tree-lined Mapleton Avenue, you’re presented with almost every late nineteenth century architectural style. The wide streets, expansive lawns and sprawling porches make for the very picture of Rockwellian scenarios. And with most houses going for over a million dollars, those quaint features come at a premium.

Many of the residences constructed between 1895 and 1910 still stand in Boulder’s Mapleton Hill area. This neighborhood was popular from the start due to the good drainage and excellent views that the hill provided. The first building on Mapleton Avenue was the Mapleton school, built in 1888 and opened for 250 students the next year. Much of the Mapleton Hill neighborhood is a designated historic district. This distinction means that Boulder’s homeowners in this neighborhood receive state tax credit and preservation grants from the Colorado Historical Society for restoring properties. The results can be seen all over in the well-preserved and luxurious old houses that make up much of the charm of this neighborhood.