What Credit Score do I need to Buy a House?

If you need to dispute any items on your credit report, you can do so to ensure that your credit score is accurately reflected on the report. As every credit score point matters, it is to your best advantage to dispute any discrepancies on your credit report. With your credit report in hand you should […]

In defense of buying an older home.

Quality, character, location, uniqueness – these are often the attributes of an older home.  Areas like Mapleton, Old Town Longmont, and Chautauqua are full of them.  This article explains what to look for, and why we love them. “There are any number of problems that could come with buying a period home. Asbestos! Zoning restrictions! […]

Dog-friendly places in Longmont

Longmont loves dogs!  Maybe it’s the relaxed, welcoming attitude of this wonderfully down to earth, friendly Front Range town where so many of us are discovering our new Home Sweet Home, but the feeling of welcome is very real and definitely includes the four-footed friends in the family.  All you have to do is take […]

Is Longmont the 21st Century Boulder?

While Longmont’s got a community style of its own, and a wonderfully coherent downtown, the advent of Longmont Nextlight propels us clear into the 21st Century. With this in mind, I’m copying in its entirety this great piece put out by Start Up Longmont. Every city has a business ‘flavor’ to it.  Longmont’s has been […]

1031 Exchanges – Boulder Loves Them.

1031 Exchanges happen a lot in Boulder, a town where around 50% of homes are in the rental pool. Why? One word: taxes. Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code allows an owner of investment property to exchange property and defer paying federal and state capital gain taxes (up to 15% Federal, 25% depreciation recapture and […]

Janie’s Cafe is a Longmont treasure

Great review of Main Street’s Janie’s Café in today’s Daily Camera… To no one’s surprise, the setting is straight up old school American diner, featuring wood panels and white walls in an expansive, slightly lived-in space…..this isn’t a trendy hipster joint, but rather a down-to-earth spot welcoming to families and individual diners alike.   http://www.dailycamera.com/lifestyles/ci_29909741/janies-cafe-main-street-longmont-delivers-like-locals