About Frank

When you become a client of mine you’ll get attentive, responsive and respectful individual service. I am completely focused on understanding what you are looking for in Boulder County real estate – whether you are selling it or buying it.

As a full time professional Realtor this is not a hobby for me, and I am committed to being a professional advisor that you can trust to get you the best – most efficient, most cost-effective, most informed – outcome.When you become a client of mine you will get attentive, ethical and respectful individual service. I live and work in Longmont, in the heart of Boulder County, and am completely focused on understanding what you are looking for here – whether you are selling it, or buying it.

I’ll communicate with you however you want to hear from me – text, phone, Messenger, Snapchat… (although I don’t recommend that last one for contracts!)

We do our best work together when we create a relationship built on trust. You are trusting me with probably your largest asset – your real estate – and I’m trusting that you will be open, communicative and honest with me, so that we can together achieve your goal. Quickly and efficiently.

I love technology – I have worked for some of the ‘boldest-faced names’ in the tech business. Here is my ‘before real estate’ resumé:
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Frank. In Boulder.
Frank. In Boulder.

That commitment to relationship is at the core of my business. I work with a wide variety of professionals – inspectors, title escrow officers, appraisers, renovators, and of course other brokers. Our ability to dynamically create a ‘virtual team’ for your home transaction, whether you’re buying or selling, is key to an efficient, smooth and transparent outcome.

I’m a Dad & husband, Irishman, weekend cyclist, sculler and a lover of big skies and open spaces. Veteran of London PR firms, Apple Computer (London and Cupertino) & Silicon Valley. Before becoming a full-time Realtor I worked at the New Mexico Economic Development department as their marketing director, reporting to the cabinet Secretary. I’m also licensed in New Mexico, and can refer great Realtors to you anywhere on the planet.

Born in Dublin when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I am a proud graduate of Trinity College Dublin.

Clients say they like my enthusiasm, my knowledge and my focus. Oh, and my Irish sense of humour! Let’s meet up, and get to work. Call or text me at 720.491.1263 and I’ll be back with you quickly!

Call or text me at 720.491.1263 or email me.